Improve the presentation, longevity and safety of your property with commercial pressure cleaning

Commercial pressure cleaning can dramatically improve the presentation of a property. It also removes the built-up mildew, dirt, moss and grime that create slip hazards.

We are certified to work from heights, so we can pressure clean from the roof down. We can also treat, colour or seal surfaces for added protection and longevity.

We service schools, strata, pubs and clubs and provide property preparation services to the real estate market.

Surfaces we can high pressure clean include:

• driveways (paved, pebblecrete, brick and concrete)

• large concreted areas

• tennis courts

• paths, patios and stairs (paved, pebblecrete, brick, sandstone and concrete)

• timber decking

• brick walls (clay, sandstone and concrete)

• cladding (timber, steel and vinyl)

• roofs (terracotta, concrete and steel)

• fences (timber, brick, steel).

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