Return your home to its former glory with exterior house washing

Mould, mildew, dust, cobwebs, wasps nests and grime will build up on the exterior surface of any home over time. Many people purchase their own pressure cleaner to keep on top of the grot and keep their costs down.

However, many people also end up removing more from their home than they bargained for because high pressure cleaning can also remove paint and protective coatings from surfaces. There’s also the risk of injury or worse when working from heights with water and detergents.

Sydney Pressure Cleaning can freshen the appearance of your home by using low pressure cleaning with special cleaning solutions. We’ll take care of delicate surfaces and we won’t trash your garden in the process. We’re also certified to work safely from heights, so you don’t have to.

Let us restore your home to its former glory by washing:

• exterior wall surfaces (including fibro, cladding, timber, brick or render).

• gutters, downpipes, facias and eaves.

• window, door surrounds and screens.

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